Deliverables and Milestones

M1. HELIOS photoluminescent-adaptive-radiative cooler prototype, ready for experimental
characterization and physical modelling (M34).

M2. HELIOS photoluminescent-adaptive-radiative cooler physical interpretation multiscale
model for building and urban canopy potential analysis (M48).

M3. HELIOS performance assessment in different climate conditions
worldwide through building and urban canopy models (M59).

D1. Review paper on radiative cooler scaling up potential through the analysis of the proper adaptive and stable matrix.

D2. Review paper on HPs for light emission applications, their characterization and early exploited applications
before HELIOS.

D3. Review paper on bridging the gap between small and large scale dynamic skin tests solutions.

D4. Original paper about emitter fabrication and characterization.

D5. Paper on the development of multilayered adaptive radiative cooler modelling, submitted.

D6. Submitted original paper on HELIOS characterization and stability.

D7. Original paper on HELIOS system development and adaptive characterization.

D8. Review paper about dynamic building skin models for thermal energy assessment
within the urban canopy.

D9. Original paper describing the dynamic physical model of HELIOS skin in building envelope.

D10. Open Data Management Plan

D11. The project visual identity: logo, website, leaflets, 2 short promo movies,

D12. The project visual identity final version

D13. Final updated open access of papers and to any research data

Reversible self-regulative LW-IR emitter fabrication
Integration of the photoluminescent perovskite
Experimental testing and physical modelling
Adaptive radiative cooling upscale to the urban environment